VAT Services

VAT is a indirect tax on consumption or use of goods and services levied at each point of sale. VAT is implemented in UAE from 1st Jan2018.

Registration & Implementation of VAT

How we implement VAT in your organization.

  1. Client Visit– VAT experts will visit your office to understand the basic functioning of your business.
  2. Evaluation of the effects of Vat- To run your business seamlessly analyzing the effects of Vat on your business in terms of costing & profitability.
  3. Imparting knowledge & Educating the staff- Vat will indirectly affect all the departments of the business. So it is important that everyone should have a clear understanding of Vat. Therefore giving training to the mgt & staff is critical step.
  4. Registration of VAT: to comply with the FTA we will register your business. For this we will ask for all the documentation from your side with the help of which we will register your business
  5. Accounting software: We will analyze your present accounting software in terms of proper VAT invoicing, grouping, Classification with appropriate chart of accounts. This might need a little set up change as per the VAT Regime. Also necessary guidelines will be given to the IT & accounts personnel for proper invoicing through the system.
  6. Filling the VAT Return: With the help of all the steps taken above we will file your VAT Return by analyzing the VAT account in terms of liability and tax credit.

VAT Return Filing service

At the end of each tax period VAT registered businesses or the ‘taxable persons’ must submit a ‘VAT return’ to Federal Tax Authority (FTA). A VAT return summarizes the value of the supplies and purchases a taxable person has made during the tax period and shows the taxable person’s VAT liability. Every Taxable person has to submit the VAT return within 28 days from the end of each tax period

We help you to understand your VAT liability by visiting your office on weekly/ monthly/ quarterly. At the end of each VAT period we will file the VAT return on you co behalf. We will ensure that your VAT Returns are duly submitted on time. We will represent your co in case of any enquiry from FTA.

VAT RETURN: VAT Return is filled online through FTA portal using a log in & PW. Before filing the VAT return we will make sure that all tax return requirements are fulfilled.

As your representative we will ask for all the information required so we can calculate your output tax against input. Where your output tax exceeds the input tax amount, the difference will be paid to FTA or if vice versa, the taxable person will get the input tax recovered.