CFO Services

We at account angle management services provide part time CFO services to our clients.

When your business and the economy is increasing then it is advisable to have a financial advisor in your company to manage all your financial needs. CFO is a person who is primarily responsible for managing all your financial risks.

The main task of CFO is summed up as:

  1. Strategy formulation: CFO closely works with CEO/ MD to fulfill the financial needs of the company. He works on the budgets and the expected gross profit of the company so in the end company attains the expected profits.
  2. Risk analysis: CFO analysis all the accounting principles & strategies followed by the company and analysis the pros and cons of it.
  3. Operations: CFO needs to understand the full business cycle in and out so he can implement strategies in the daily operation so that the maximum output is delivered.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the companies to have such full time CFO in the business. SO here we help you in having a part time CFO who can advise you in all your financial requirements.