The combination of skills, technical knowledge, experience and focus has become increasingly important as organizations continue to face new and complex events. We offer comprehensive accounting services to companies who wish to outsource their accounting function.

How we serve you

We follow a method which will be most beneficial for your organization, our representative will visit your organization to get a basic understanding of your business. This will help us to cover your purchase, sales, receipts & payments entries. After this we shall prepare monthly reports to present to the management.

Reports include

  1. Statement of Financial position
  2. Statement of comprehensive income
  3. Receivables & Payable ageing report
  4. Cash flow statements

Completing all the entries will be the first critical step and later the receivables & payables ageing analysis. To maintain the regular accounting we will ask the responsible person at client place to maintain the basic information of the transactions.

Account Supervision Service

Our company will cover the following

  1. Analyzing books of accounts with necessary supporting documents
  2. Ensure that revenue transactions are recorded properly with accounting principals properly followed.
  3. Evaluation of sales to analyze the contribution in different prospects.
  4. Evaluating the payments made by the company are properly supported with documentation.
  5. To unsure advance, prepayments and unearned income is recorded correctly.
  6. Further reports will be made to analyze COGS, Gross margin and EBIT of the company.

Benefits of choosing us to do your accounting

  • Outsourcing can help you concentrate on your core business and we will take care of your accounting needs.

  • Outsourcing can reduce your cost significantly.

  • Service of experienced professionals will be available at affordable cost.

  • The training cost can be reduced as you don’t have to worry about hiring accountants and imparting them training.

How we deliver value